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IMMY | Norman, Oklahoma

IMMY is in the business of saving lives one diagnostic test at a time. IMMY, short for Immuno Mycologics, develops products right here in Norman and delivers them to hospitals and clinics throughout the world, distributing to more than 40 countries. Their products save tens of thousands of lives, have won numerous awards, and have been endorsed by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

The McKinney Partnership is proud to have worked with IMMY to create a new headquarters facility that will support their mission of saving lives. The new structure is a sleek modern facility that streamlines research, sales, and production, and encourages collaboration among all of the different departments within IMMY. The project is the first anchor building in Norman’s new advanced manufacturing park, located just northeast of Rock Creek and 24th Ave. The exterior design evokes the ideas of flight and reaching upward, as influenced by the building’s location adjacent to the airport and the outreaching mission of IMMY.