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Innovation Hub | Norman, Oklahoma

Hub is defined as a center of activity or a focal point; a center around which other things radiate from. 

The 20,000 SF Innovation Hub on the OU Research Campus has created flexible and reconfigurable meeting and work spaces coupled with a centrally located cafe, fitness center, a dedicated learning center, a visualization zone for fully immersive virtual reality, and over 5,000 SF of digital fabrication hub / makerspace. 

The ground floor of the existing 3 Partners Place was radically repurposed from enclosed tenant and support areas into an open and free flowing space where the edges of the functional areas are blurred in an effort to support the chance meetings and the philosophy of collaboration. The project also includes an exterior trellised patio and new sidewalk connectivity to existing walkways to reach out further to the campus at large. 

The intent of the design was to create a true "hub" of thought, ideas, work, and making.